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“After 8 years of participating as an exhibitor with the Greater Moncton Home Show, we still enjoy meeting people, hearing their stories and getting our business out there.

This yearly event allows to promote our business and services while providing value added information to potential customers.”

Roland Gallant, Southeastern Mutual

“I have really enjoyed my first time as an exhibitor with the Greater Moncton Home Show. I like seeing that people are interested in my business and am looking forward to connecting with them after the show.”

Patrick Aucoin, Zone Garage Moncton

"I have been exhibiting since the onset of the Greater Moncton Home Show (15 years). I believe what has made this trade show so popular is the fact that they have been able to maintain exclusivity to the builder! From the science to building a house to finishing it, this is the only show in Atlantic Canada dedicated solely to the home owner and home building industry. From my standpoint and perception, you simply cannot put a price tag on this opportunity. The exposure alone, and the connections with make for our businesses during this weekend far outweigh spending thousands of dollars in national magazines.

Studies show when people are trying to make a buying decision, prospective customers will consider your business if it is out there. This show is about brand recognition, and I for one highly recommend this opportunity to other businesses in the home building industry."

Paul LeBlanc, MVP Enterprises
in support of Conair Ventilation

The Greater Moncton Home Show has been very beneficial to us over the years. We have experienced a major return on our dollar as it helps to build a lot of awareness for our company to people who may not know of our Sussex Sun Nurseries business. The feedback we get all spring, summer and fall is really great.

During the past five years, we have given out gift cards and other incentives to allow an opportunity for follow-up. This year, we did the 100$ Gift Certificate Draw and people seem to like that too.

The Greater Moncton Home Show feels like a family reunion or old home week every year. We get to see people we haven’t seen since the last show, old

customers and potential customers too. A really great opportunity all around!"

Michelle Gillespie, Sun Nurseries Inc

"The Greater Moncton Home Show provides opportunities to network, grow and deepen existing relationships. This year, we were able to partner with Maple Leaf Homes which was a huge benefit for both our companies!

I would recommend this event as a means to explore the options available in the market. Weather you are looking for renovations or building from scratch, this show provides all the experts that can help you gain a better understanding of the existing products and services available to you.

For TD Canada Trust, we especially enjoy bringing value to everyone we meet through the explanation of different financing options and bringing additional incentives such as free trips that are not typically offered during regular business."

Jennifer Kane, TD Canada Trust

"Our business is B2B and the Greater Moncton Home Show provides a nice opportunity to meet new vendors and talk business! This is a highly recognized event, therefore as a first time exhibitor, we felt at ease about participating. I know a lot of my customers appreciate the quality of the home show and because my business relates to home and lifestyle, this venue is a natural fit.

This weekend provided an opportunity to meet many business owners who want to promote their business year round. All of my existing customers are here too and by doing the same things they are, it makes The Real Estate Home and Life Style Guide, my business, more relevant to them. I highly recommend this event to aspiring business owners who are in the housing industry. My advice is to come prepared, show up ready to be on your feet, be in a good mood and prepared to share value to your prospects. The more prepared you are the better experience you will have."

Jason Pitre, Real Estate Home and Life Style Guide

"The Greater Moncton Home Show has always had a good reputation and I have found, for the last 10 years, that it is and continues to be a positive experience for the exhibitors.

I especially love the fact that the committee does everything possible to make this event a positive and comfortable experience for the exhibitors, the timing is really good and gives us all a nice boost to start the year."

Valmont Daigle, Altimate Home Solutions

"While getting our brand out there is one of the biggest benefits, the Greater Moncton Home Show also allows us let people know that we are in it for the long haul. Even if we were to get just one customer, or one more person to see our brand, participating as an exhibitor makes it all worth it!

As a second year exhibitor, I would consider doing this again because of the increased business and exposure it provides."

Levi Smith, Charles Smith Construction

“Shaw Brick and Stone have been attending The Greater Moncton Home Show for 16 plus years and it has always proven to be a great experience for us. From the amount of potential buyers we connect with to the contacts made with other vendors who participate, the exposure we get is priceless! This year we had a beautiful Outdoor Fireplace people could submit a ballot to win and a “show special” for anyone who dropped by the booth. We look forward to participating again next year.”

Victoria Winters, Shaw Brick

"The people coming to the Greater Moncton Home Show are looking for ideas and new products. There is a lot of knowledge at this event which pretty much guarantees the consistent flow of visitors every year.

We are a family owned business providing a Canadian product and this show positions us very well within that context.The biggest thing when it comes to roofing is the rapid change in our temperatures, this event gives us the opportunity to educate them on the fact that when we sell them one of our permanent roofing solutions that withstands the Maritime weather, they are provided with something that will be there for as long as they will be. Introducing people to this opportunity is the biggest benefit of all for our company.

If you want knowledge and information about products, you must attend this show, especially The Greater Moncton Home Show because it is very specific to home builders!"

John Reeves, Maritime Permanent Roofing

"We are a seasonal business so it is nice to get out and chat with people about lawn care. This event is good value and is a great way to generate leads, it is equally an enjoyable experience for the exhibitors and visitors alike.

The Greater Moncton Home Show is the kickoff to our season!"

Nick Bugden, Nutri-Lawn

"We are customer bases and we love it when the visitors of the Greater Moncton Home Show come and ask questions about our products, we especially love providing value and we do this by sometimes giving special pricing so visitors feel like they get more from the show and that drives business to our door… it is a win/win all around.

Moncton is the hot spot for Landscaping, and for the past 6 years, the Greater Moncton Home Show has been really good for us. Radio advertising helps, however being here, we get to be in front of the home owners who are specifically looking for the right product, service and company."

Laurie Jones, Grandview Landscape Group

"This was our first year as an exhibitor and so far what I like most is that it seems to be one of the largest home shows. Our product is sold around the Maritimes, and we wanted to target Moncton specifically, however this event has provided an opportunity to connect with people and exhibitors from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and even Saskatchewan!"

Laurie Wheatley, Fiber Fuel

"The organizers of The Greater Moncton Home Show do a great job every year, it is very well run and with the flow of people coming through, there is a lot of potential for business.

I have enjoyed 5 years of meeting and educating people in my industry. We love helping them out with their stone design concepts and we are looking forward to being part of the show again."

Phil Lemme, Stone Luxe Creation

"This is our first experience exhibiting and people seem to be impressed with the fact that we are a certified IKEA Kitchen Installers. We are also general contractors and the Greater Moncton Home Show is the perfect springboard to the season.

With Moncton being the hub city, we thought this event would be a great place to target a great portion of New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia and although the show certainly provided that, we also see an opportunity to partner with other vendors and help expand other local businesses. "

Luc Lapierre, L.L.C.R. Atlantic

"The Greater Moncton Home Show is always entertaining and a great opportunity to make new connections.

We've been part of this event for at least 15 years and we appreciate being able to explain how recycling works in this region and how it benefits our environment. We are not here to sell, we are here to educate and help people understand the importance of our mission and goal which is to maximize the division of materials from landfill and minimize environmental impact.

The more people we speak to, the more people will recycle and this event, with well over 20,000 visitors, provides the perfect venue to do just that!"

Susan Gauvin, South East Regional Service Commission

"East Coast Redeckit Concrete is a fairly new business and we knew we needed exposure and the Greater Moncton Home Show did that for us. We are both from the Moncton area and have attended the show as customers in the past, so we saw this as an opportunity to get our business out there in front of the right people.

Our franchise is new to Canada and this event is a great way to get it out there and let people know we exist."

Trisha and JeremieGirouard, East Coast Redeck It.

"We always make sure we are part of the Greater Moncton Home Show every single year. We love meeting new potential home builders that are excited and eager to learn about our products and services.

The organization of this events makes it an easy decision for us to take part, we get a lot of customers that connect with us after the show for samples and more information.

In my opinion, the Greater Moncton Home Show is a one stop informative place to go for home builders, renovators or contractors. It is really nice when the home owner can come and everything they need is here."

Tanya Loughead, Cape Cod Siding

"The coordination of the booth here at the Greater Moncton Home show was fantastic. They take a real interest of going around talking to each exhibitor, making us feel like we are part of the team.

This was our first year and I found it to be a great way to get the company name out to the local community and show our equipment and new service offerings.

We have made some leads locally and as far away as Newcastle, Amherst Nova Scotia… Most definitely we will be back again next year in a bigger and better way!"

William Gould, Blakeny Fuels & Heating Services

"This was our first year exhibiting at the Greater Moncton Home Show and I was amazed at the amount of people that walked through here on Saturday alone. The value you get for what you pay, compared to the exposure we got, in my opinion is way better than any other advertising outlet.

Just having people see the company is huge, they are stopping by, grabbing brochures and asking questions. I love educating people and I knew it would be good to be here, however I did not expect it would be as good as it has been! I appreciate all the advertising that is done to get people here, all in all a very positive experience that I will want to have again!"

Colton Collins, Total Crack Repair and Water Proofing

"My favorite part of the Greater Moncton Home Show is the social aspect, seeing people, talking to them and promoting our business. We saw old customers and friends and although we also made some new connections, Saturday almost felt like old home week. After 8 years of being an exhibitor, that is a feeling I look forward to every year.

The show is perfectly timed and gives us a chance to talk about our services just before the season opens. It provides us with an opportunity to follow-up with potential customers after, and to add to this, there are a lot of people from out of town and because we do work outside our region, this event is really good for our business."

Ellen Ruddick, Price Landscaping Services

"The Greater Moncton Home Show was a good venue to interact with the people who are interested in both our smaller cord wood burners and our bigger commercial industrial wood chip burners. For home owners and manufacturers alike who are concerned with cutting their heating costs, this interaction was mutually beneficial.

I am from Saskatchewan and while we were in the area doing shows in Halifax and Ottawa we decided to give this home show a try and I am glad we did. I believe in alternative energy and I see that going in to sustainably harvesting the forest is going to be long term beneficial for the people who are willing to embrace it. It is encouraging how many people at this event are into this and I thoroughly enjoyed informing people of the benefits of our products and services."

Brian Martin, Heat Smart Plus inc

"Coming to the Greater Moncton Home Show for the last four years has given us a 20% increase in business. The organizers of the even are very accommodating in positioning us at the same place every year. It makes it easy for people to find us. We often hear from happy clients who take the time to come and tell us how much they love the quality of our product.

To meet leads is one thing, however meeting prospective clients who actually become clients is priceless! Many people thing our business is only commercial and this event allows us to s how who we are exactly, that we not only tend to the commercial industry, we also cater to the home owner too."

Natalie Cormier, Able Canvis (2011) Inc.

"I really enjoyed my first experience as an exhibitor at the Greater Moncton Home Show. I loved seeing so many people who are open and looking for new ideas.

Not only was this event a great way to get out there and show our company, I have made some really good contacts too and am looking forward to seeing what this will bring to my business."

Adrien Levesque, Creative Laminating and Custom Services.

"Every year we come, I always meet someone who bought a kitchen from us. I especially enjoy hearing that they are still happy with the product we delivered years after.

We also get some great referrals from this show and it is nice meeting new people and discussing the projects they have in mind. Because we are a custom manufacturer, we can basically take what they have in their mind, input it into an app and provide just exactly what they are looking for in a quality kitchen.

Our booth is always in the same spot so we know what to expect each year. We are the first exhibitor they see when they come in and the last one they see when they leave."