If you have decided to build or renovate your home, and have already hired a contractor, the next step is to draw up written contract outlining all the project details. A proper contract will address the work that must be done to client specifications, the materials and products to be used, and an estimate of costs that will fit into the client’s budget. A written contract should also include details such as whether the contractor or you, the homeowner, is responsible for obtaining the relevant permits and inspections. Issues such as drawing up a workable schedule, and determining payment arrangements should also be included in a written contract.

A written contract serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it holds the contractor accountable to any verbal agreements made at the outset of the project during the interview process in which his services were retained. Secondly, a written contract provides protection for the homeowner. A legitimate contractor who is operating in an above-board manner should also outline his business liability insurance, worker compensation coverage, bonding, licensing, and business registration such as GST/HST numbers.

Tyvek 10 Year Labour & Material Warrantee (attached) – If builders are using Tyvek HomeWrap already, adding our flashing products to the mix qualifies them for our 10 year labour & material warrantee.

  • ·All our flashing products are made from butyl rubber
  • Always stays flexible and will not harden over time
  • Does not require a primer in most applications
  • Will not leach into adjacent vinyl products
  • Offers a 10 year material and labour system warrantee when used with Tyvek HomeWrap and installed as per our instructions


Here are a couple of links to some application videos:

Flash window with FlexWrap & FlashingTape (Live)

Flash window with FlexWrap & FlashingTape (Animation)

Flash Round Penetration (Live)

Flash Round Penetration (Animation)

Link to all Tyvek Videos

Planning Is Everything


Planning ahead when renovating makes for a satisfying and successful outcome. Often it’s a balance between desire and budget. It is important to prioritize what you want to achieve and work within a budget.

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