Planning Is Everything


Planning ahead when renovating makes for a satisfying and successful outcome. Often it’s a balance between desire and budget. It is important to prioritize what you want to achieve and work within a budget.

Engage the help of a renovation contractor, designer, or architect to realize a final design and specifications for your project, and give as much information as you can on your vision, so they can more accurately advise on cost and time estimates. Have a clear idea of the purpose of your renovation and list the goals you envision for your renovation project. Will future life changes come into your renovation decisions? Need more room for a growing family? Or taking in an aging parent? These lifestyle changes can affect how you live in your home and what changes are needed. Also, list “must haves” rather than “wants” in making your plans.

Giving thought to the pre-planning process will make it much easier for professional renovators, designers, and architects to develop specified plans for your project, thereby ensuring a successful outcome. The more time spent on planning can make the difference between disappointment and a job with which you will be happy. Most renovation problems are the result of poor planning and focus. Most professional renovators are pleased to drop by your home and do a thorough inspection upon which an estimate can be based. Shop around for a professional renovator and invest in a renovation project that will enhance both your lifestyle and your property value.