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  • Dreaming of living in a quiet neighbourhood and be able to reach the city within minutes? Welcome to the Beautiful Desjardins Estates! Enjoy country living only minutes away from downtown Moncton, Costco, the Moncton High School, skidoo and hitching tails and Irishtown Nature Park!  This subdivision is conveniently located in a rural subdivision with an abundance of full grown trees keeping the lots private between each neighbor with covenants in place to protect your investment.  Each lot is almost 2 acres in size.

    Build you dream house and enjoy secluded country living on your private and spacious piece of paradise!

    With the Irishtown nature park, 2 golf courses ,snowmobile trails and scenic views, all minutes away from metro Moncton, no wonder the rural community of Irishtown n.b. is becoming increasingly popular. Here is your chance to own a piece of this sought after landscape!

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    (Designed to protect your investment)
    Domaine DesJardins Estates SUBDIVISION

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    1. The purchaser covenants not to construct any building within seventy five (75′) feet of the boundary of a road or street nor within twenty-five (25′) feet of any other boundary of any adjacent lot.
    2. The purchaser covenants not to construct any buildings on the lot other than those to be used as a detached single family dwelling, a private garage, a garden tool shed, and other appropriate buildings for use in conjunction with such single family dwelling usage. No duplexes, semi-detached housing, or multiple unit housing is allowed.
    3. The purchaser covenants that prior to construction, he shall submit his plot plan showing location of the house, driveway and septic field together with proposed elevations of such features and building plans to Mathieu Losiers. for approval as well as to all appropriate governmental authorities. The building(s) and improvements constructed on the lot shall be subject to the following construction requirements:
    a. The house must be a minimum of 1500 square feet for a single storey and 2000 square feet for a two storey;basements ,outside decks,and garages doesnt count for the total square footage, above ground living space only
    b. The house must have a garage;
    c. All chimneys shall be of masonry construction or covered by a material which blends with the architectural design of the house;
    d. No external buildings shall be constructed for the purposes of providing a heating system or water heating system to the main dwelling or detached garage. This would include but not be limited to items such as a “Wood Doctor” heating system or other similar systems;
    e. The septic system will be constructed in a manner that it will blend with the natural contour and landscaping of the property;
    f. The front of all dwellings are to have a minimum of 25% natural or cultured masonry product approved by the grantor in writing prior to construction. As well, the remainder of exterior of the dwelling must be approved in writing by the grantor as well as all appropriate governmental authorities prior to construction.
    4. The vendor shall have the right to convey to the Municipality or the other public authority any part of its remaining lands for park, recreational or other similar purpose, or roadways or for pipes or conduits for sewage, drainage, electricity and other municipal services.
    5. The purchaser consents to the installation of wires and/or anchors or other fastening devices on the purchaser’s property which may be necessary for construction and maintenance of transmission of electricity, telephone and other public services to the residences of the area.
    6. No signs, billboards, notices or other advertising matter of any kind (except signs of the size and type ordinarily employed by real estate brokers in the area, offering the said lands for sale or rent) shall be placed on any part of the said lands without the written consent of the developer.
    7. No commercial vehicles larger than a service vehicle shall be parked or placed on any building lot.(some exeptions may apply)
    8. The purchaser covenants that no excavation shall be made on the lands except for the purpose of building or for the improvement of the gardens or grounds thereof and no building waste or any other material shall be dumped on the said lands and no material shall be stored on the said lands with the exception of materials required for building or grading.
    9. The purchaser covenants that no house trailers, mobile homes or temporary building shall be brought on the land.
    10. The purchaser covenants that the land shall not be subdivided.
    11. The purchaser covenants to proceed with all reasonable diligence in the completion of the construction of his home and the completion of landscaping of his lot, upon commencement of such activity. As a guide, the residence should be entirely closed in and totally finished on the exterior within 6 months of the start of construction.
    12. The vendor may alter, waive or modify any of the foregoing building and other restrictions.
    13. Mathieu Losiers retains the option to buy back the lot at original price, less Realtor fees and legal fees should original Purchasers not commence house construction within two years of date of purchase.
    14. No building erected on the said lands shall be used for the purpose of any profession, trade, employment, service, manufacturer or any business of any description that will create additional vehicle traffic, or cause the creation of pollutants, fumes, odors or exhaust, or in any way create a danger of the residents. The primary purpose of any structure shall be for use as a private residence for the use of a family unit.( some exceptions may apply for small home base businesses, such as an home office or hair dresser under vendor’s written approval).
    15. All covenants and conditions outlined herein shall run with the land and such provisions shall be incorporated in any future deeds of conveyance.
    16. The transferee hereby acknowledges that the lands described herein presently is not serviced for water and/or sewer services.
    17. The transferee for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, in consideration of the premises and the sum of $1.00 now paid to the said transferee by the transferor, the receipt thereof being hereby acknowledged covenants, agrees to and with the said transferor that they will keep and observe the said restrictive covenants and that in every conveyance made by the transferee of the lands hereby conveyed, or any portion or portions thereof, there shall be inserted a like covenant, or others to the same effect, requiring all persons or other hereinafter holding or claiming under the said transferee, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to keep and observe the said express conditions and restrictions and each and every one of them. These covenants shall attach to and be considered a benefit to all parcels of land created by the Domaine Desjardins Estates Subdivision.
    18. The purchaser covenants not to keep cattle, hogs, horses or other stock or animals, other than household pets normally permitted in suburban single family dwelling usage area. The breeding of pets or animals for sale shall not be carried on upon the said premises.
    19. The transferee covenants that he will not interfere with the natural flow of drainage on the land nor with the existing artificial drainage for surface water on the land, so as to prevent any damage or flooding of adjacent lands.
    20. All storage for fire wood on the outside of the building shall be neatly piled behind the buildings so that it is not visible from the street.

    MLS® Number: M127364

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