Who are our Members

When you join the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, you become part of a diverse group of member companies. Our Association represents all parts of the residential construction industry from coast-to-coast.

Builders, Renovators & Developers

Member builders construct over 80% of all housing in Canada. Our membership includes hundreds of small building companies, as well as many of Canada’s largest home builders, land developers and multi-family new home builders. As the renovation industry continues to grow, an increasing emphasis is placed on this sector of the industry. Currently, more than 1,600 of our members are engaged in home renovations.


From plumbers to electricians to drywallers, trade contractors are integral members of the “team” and play a critical role in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Suppliers & Services

From national and regional building supply chains to individual local companies, suppliers of quality building products and services are strongly represented in our Association. The overall quality of new home and renovation projects in large part depends on the quality of the products used. Many of Canada’s major manufacturers of building products are long-time members of our Association. As well, the home building industry includes many other service and professional groups. Architects, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants, utilities, warranty programs, real estate and marketing companies, media people and many others are valued members.

Professional / Financial / Real Estate

Canada’s major financial institutions are strong partners in the Association, with many holding memberships across the country.